Organisation Details

The Koemba parent coaching website is run by Val Mullally, an Accredited Coach who is passionate about supporting parents and professionals as they create environments in which children can thrive. The website enables parents and professionals to connect with the aim of supporting children to think more clearly, connect more compassionately, behave more response-ably and live more joyfully.

E-mail via the website contact page.

Educate Against Hate

A website which gives parents, teachers and school leaders practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation.

Conscious Caterpillars

Conscious Caterpillars aims to empower children and parents with the skills and tools of Meditation and Mindfulness to help them manage stress and emotions in a positive and healthy way whilst also helping them to relax and become happier, kinder and more compassionate with themselves and the world around them.

E-mail via the website contact page.

Kinship Carers

Kinship Care offers knowledge, experience and friendship as well as pointing you in the right direction regarding legal matters and other avenues of support for you and the children you care for where children cannot be cared for by their parent(s) and who live with a relative or a family friend.


Smartphone guide

This guide helps parents to protect their children when using their smartphones.


Oyoty is a personal, robotic assistant for young children online which helps them be more aware, secure and private online, and to engage positively with digital media. Ototy delivers contextual education and help to children through an advanced user interface (chat-bot).