An article about the number of young people on anti-dpressants. UK becomes the first country to provide mental health first aid training in every secondary school UK becomes the first country to provide mental health first aid training in every secondary school An article about the Time to Change initiative encouraging people to support friends who have mental health issues. TUC study shows that workplace stress may be at record levels. A report suggests that money earmarked to boost mental health provision for children in England is failing to make it to front-line services.
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Article about Mindfulness being taught in UK schools Article about girls unhappiness in The Good Childhood Report (2016) Research suggests that healthy adults may be more likely to have suicide thoughts if they take anti-depressants.
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Article describing how the Mental health campaign Time To Change has received a 20m boost. Article describing how young women are the highest risk group in England for mental health problems, according to new data from NHS Digital. Article about an urgent call by HEPI for universities to triple their spending on mental health support
Report from the London School of Economics about the effect of housing benefit cuts on the incidence of depression. Newsweek article about the record number of suicide calls to the UK's Childline. Article describing how yoga may help people with generalised anxiety disorder.