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The Truth About Mental Health - An article in the Times Educational Supplement. Article in the Independent about the socioeconomic causes of mental illness. Huffington Post article about young people with learning disabilities.
Article in The Daily Telegraph about the level of unhappiness aong the UK's youngsters. Article in The Times Educational Supplement about the need for mental health support in schools. Huffington Post article about what it is like to be autistic.
Article in The Telegraph about the Secretary of State's announcement about aiming to reduce the number of suicides among young men. Article in The Independent about the effects of sleep deprivation. Article in Statnews about the possible use of video games in a therapeutic context.
Article in Wired about the therapists working online with PTSD sufferers. Article in The Guardian about the advantages of neurodiversity in the workplace. Article in The Independent about child abuse and violence survivors being misdiagnosed and re-traumatised by the NHS.
An article about overcoming mental health challenges. BBC news item about how we can wire our brains to increase confidence. Huffington Post news item about Government failures in relation to mental health.
An article in The Independent about how mental health patients are being failed. An article about the number of young people on anti-dpressants. UK becomes the first country to provide mental health first aid training in every secondary school